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Unsolicited reviews and feedback:

" its fantastic, every bit what I wanted and more"- UK Offshore manager - Flamenco set up (2001f.xx model, Sept 2016).


" I have just unpacked it and had a strum - through my little Yamaha amp it sounds sublime and is a joy to play - easier on the fingers for practice too. I will take great pleasure demonstrating it too - it's a real gem I have to say, I fell in lust with yours the moment I saw it ages ago" - UK Outside Broadcast Installation Manager (2001.xx model, July 2016).


" Very impressed with it so far; great for late evening practice. It has a nice tone just strumming along without headphones. Maybe the solid block of wood with the nylon strings works well for that. Through the headphones it sounds very nice." UK classical solo and ensemble player - grade 8 plus. (2000.xx model, Mar 2016).


"I'm absolutely delighted with it. Having cleared the table and carefully laid out the instructions (I'm a bit of a pedant about following instructions to the letter when it comes to new/strange pieces of equipment) I'd expected to take a fair bit of time over this first assembly, but nothing could be further from the truth - it's a piece of cake! Very quick, very easy, and I'm even more delighted to find that it's a nicely put-together piece of kit that plays extremely well. Such a pleasure to play" and " so hats off to you for a brilliant design, " - UK bike Engineer, (2000.xx model, Sept 2016)..


"It's a well-formed formula. Simple and functional. It truly responds to the goal 100%. …this great-looking item, allow me to congratulate you in earnest. Bravo!" US player. (2001 model, Sept 2016).


" Brilliant design!" Canadian resident (response to email, Aug 2016).


" It has made it easy to play and I can't wait to take it on my next trip - actually this weekend to my daughter's house will be a good outing for the brilliant guitar." (UK classical solo and ensemble player, model 2000.xx April 2016)


" It's a work of great beauty and high functionality. I love it." (US songwriter / artist)


"i used it to knock in nails but the nails broke" Anon.. (not really)


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